Student Research Projects

Our centre invests heavily in research training at all levels, and we would like to invite you to consider carrying out your Honours or Postgraduate research training with us.

We offer a unique research experience that will allow you to develop your scientific skills, but also provide you with the professional skills to be successful whatever your ultimate career choice. By carrying out an honours, masters or PhD research project in this Centre you will benefit from:

  • Direct hands-on training and supervision by dedicated research staff organised in small teams, which will provide you high-level training in a number of scientific approaches on a daily basis, directly at the laboratory bench. This is complemented by supervision by senior investigators who have guided many research students over the years.
  • Dedicated support staff in science communication, IT support and bio-informatic approaches.
  • Hands-on access and experience with the state of the art equipment for scientific research, such as next-generation sequencing, plant genetics, plant phenomics, quantitative proteomic and metabolomics approaches, and computational biology.
  • Interaction with a variety of national (The University of Western Australia, Australian National University, University of Adelaide; La Trobe University) and international (China, US, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Japan) collaborators.
  • Discussion on your research and advice on careers by a variety of international scientific leaders who visit the Centre regularly.