Research databases to aid new discoveries

PEB has built a number of valuable research databases across Australia that are available to researchers in several formats, from GUI interfaces for queries, to data downloads and web services.

Computational Biology Tools

PEB uses in-house or has specialised a range of tools for proteomic and metabolomic identification, and nucleotide or protein sequence analysis and alignment.

Research Applications and Databases
PPT Plant Protein Turnover
AgReFed @ Dale Advances in farm technology have led to an increase in the collection of data by growers, agronomists, researchers and industry, with the potential to conduct advanced analysis techniques for better prediction. However, these data are not always findable, accessible or interoperable, and therefore not able to be easily integrated and reused. This leads to precious time lost in data cleaning and manipulation, or in worst case scenarios, poor science outcomes due to relevant data being ignored.

APP The Arabidopsis Proteotypic Predictor (APP) takes a Arabidopsis Gene Initiative (AGI) identifier (eg At3g15020.1) or the amino acid sequence of an Arabidopsis protein, performs an in silico trypsin digestion and provides details of all resulting peptides.
MetAlign Transform AMDIS data files. Useful in metabolomics research.

PPR 446262 Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins from 1121 species. The RNA-binding pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) family comprises hundreds to thousands of genes in most plants, but only a few dozen in algae, evidence of massive gene expansions during land plant evolution.
Chloe Chloe is a website when you can annotate your organelle DNA sequences from fasta/genbank files. It also offers the ability to search and compare other organelles and even reannotate from an NCBI Id.

CropPAL Subcellular localisation of Protiens for 11 different Crops
Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer Node Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer Node (plugin) to analyse protein turnover using isotopically labelled data.

PETALS PETALS - Plant Energy Training and Learning System
PGAF Growth Rooms Booking Page

Wheatproteome This resource provides a range of ‘omics data types in an easily accessible format currently based around the 2014 IWGSC Triticum aestivum chromosome assembled draft genome release.
Mitochondrial Protien Import Components (MPIC) MPIC provides a simple and centralised resource for all components of the mitochondrial protein import apparatus to provide insight into each gene/protein function(s) throughout evolution.

SubCellular Proteomic Database (SUBA) The SubCellular Proteomic Database (SUBA) houses large scale proteomic and GFP localisation sets from cellular compartments of Arabidopsis.