Dr Katharina Belt

  • Research Fellow, The University Of Western Australia
  • group: Millar


I am currently working on approaches to combine RNAseq analysis of polysomal fractions from wheat and barley tissues with experimental analysis of protein synthesis rates. I am investigating genes associated with the regulation of protein synthesis and turnover in a wheat recombinant inbred line (RIL) population. I am using directed evolution of plant genes for particular plant enzymes in yeast or E.coli and apply transformation technologies to transfer them to model plants for functional analysis.

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Year Publication Online
Li Y, Belt K, Alqahtani SF, Saha S, Fenske R, Van Aken O, Whelan J, Millar AH, Murcha MW, Huang S (2022) The mitochondrial LYR protein SDHAF1 is required for succinate dehydrogenase activity in Arabidopsis. Plant J 110(2):499-512.
Tivendale ND, Belt K, Berkowitz O, Whelan J, Millar AH, Huang S (2021) Knockdown of Succinate Dehydrogenase Assembly Factor 2 Induces Reactive Oxygen Species-Mediated Auxin Hypersensitivity Causing pH-Dependent Root Elongation. Plant Cell Physiol 62(7):1185-1198.
Lama S, Broda M, Abbas Z, Vaneechoutte D, Belt K, Säll T, Vandepoele K, Van Aken O (2019) Neofunctionalization of Mitochondrial Proteins and Incorporation into Signaling Networks in Plants. MOL BIOL EVOL 36(5):974-989.
Belt K, Van Aken O, Murcha MW, Millar AH, Huang S (2018) An assembly factor promotes assembly of flavinated SDH1 into the succinate dehydrogenase complex. PLANT PHYSIOL. 177(4):1439-1452.
Belt K, Huang S, Thatcher LF, Casarotto H, Singh K, Van Aken O, Millar AH (2017) Salicylic acid-dependent plant stress signalling via mitochondrial succinate dehydrogenase. PLANT PHYSIOL. 173(4):2029-2040.
Huang S, Van Aken O, Schwarzländer M, Belt K, Millar AH (2016) Roles of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species in cellular signalling and stress response in plants. PLANT PHYSIOL. 171(3):1551-9.
Hu Z, Vanderhaeghen R, Cools T, Wang Y, De Clercq I, Leroux O, Nguyen L, Belt K, Millar AH, Audenaert D, Hilson P, Small ID, Mouille G, Vernhettes S, Van Breusegem F, Whelan J, Höfte H, De Veylder L (2016) Mitochondrial Defects Confer Tolerance against Cellulose Deficiency. PLANT CELL 28(9):2276-2290.
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